The DM toolbox – Crunchy Bits For Your Game

This will be the place where I put all of my favorite crunchy DM help that I’ve either found online on different sites [I’ve marked ones that you have to pay for with a (p)], or developed myself. I am going to limit this list to resources that have stuff that can be picked up and plopped directly into a game. I won’t post too many general advice things, although there’s a lot of great stuff out there for that, as well.

I. Building Monsters and Encounters – General Resources:

  • The DM Cheat Sheet: Blatantly stolen from Mike Shea’s Sly Flourish site, it has all the number crunch you could ever want for your 4e monsters and encounters.
  • Big Bad Evil Guy Meta – For advanced games, particular those at paragon and epic levels. This is a list of meta-powers that solos can use to shake off status effects in interesting ways, as well as make themselves more threatening in general. Use with caution!
  • The Status Effect Tree and The Status Effect Tree – Comments – A breakdown of how monster status effects work in 4e, focusing on which debuffs monster cast and at what levels they cast them.

II. Useful Indexes for building Dungeons and Encounters:

  • The original Dungeon Master’s Guide, 1st ed.: No link, but the first really amazing index of random dungeons, traps, treasures, etc.
  • Fourthcore Alphabet: (p) Really pimps out a dungeon with deadly traps, cool details, possible overlords (my favorite), etc. Mostly for Fourthcore, but can be used anywhere.
  • Dungeon Alphabet: (p) An edition-neutral resource that does much of the same things as the Fourthcore book.
  • 101 Hazards and Disasters: (p) A great list of different environmental effects to make combat encounters more dangerous, or just to bring them to life.
  • Dungeon Room Description Generator:  A list of generic room descriptions that really focuses on the five senses.

III. Adventure Plots and Hooks:

III. NPCs -names and descriptions:

IV. Aides for Players:


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