Indexes and other Toolbox Stuff

To all of my loyal readers (all three of you), I am going to step back and retool my Inspirational Indexes project for the time being. Life stuff has interfered, including starting a new semester in my MSW program, and I want to take the time to offer something unique and desirable.

In the meantime, in my never ending quest for good, specific DM crunch that can be directly plopped into a game, I’ve added a bunch of resources to my DM toolbox page. The page is divided into resources for encounter building, NPC generation, adventure hook development, and other stuff along those lines. They generally take the form of a random generator or “101 ideas for…”; even if a DM doesn’t actually roll randomly on the tables for stuff (which I suspect many DMs do not), they are still wonderful either as pieces to drop directly in to a game, or to just get the brainstorming process started. In other words, distinct from general DMing advice, I think these toolbox resources help in the execution of a game at the table.

If anyone has more suggestions for these type of resources, be sure to drop me a line and I’ll add it right in!


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