An Ode to the DM

Let the DM be the center of attention once again, since that intrepid man or woman is why D&D is different than MMOs or any other video game.

Support the DM, that bearer of great imagination, power, and responsibility, through thick and thin so that they may craft the game that they want to play (and that they can get players for).

Give unto the DM advice for combat and tactics, ideas for world-building and storytelling, knowledge of the rules and how to break them properly.

Support old DMs and entice new ones.

Teach DMs to be good DMs, because bad ones are so poisonous to keeping good players interested in our hobby.

Help DMs develop the humility to respect the sacred social contract that is a D&D game group, the courage to make the final decision on each and every aspect of the game they wish, and the wisdom to strike a proper balance for their tables.

And finally, if ever there came a time where DMs rise up and say they are not having fun, let the earth shake, mountains fall, and valleys fill with the wrath of developers and game designers who set things right and insure that DMs continue to be the main reason that all D&D players have fun.

Yes, WotC, be excellent to your DMs.


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